So hey, I am a web developer based in Oxford/London, UK.

“Web Developer?” I hear you say, “that’s a bit generic/non-specific, isn’t it?”

Well, maybe. I suppose I’d probably be classified as a front-end developer, if you really want to put me in a box (model. geddit?). But truth be told, having got to the party a bit late when it comes to coding (I've only been working "professionally" as a developer since September 2011, despite having made my first website at age 13), I’m obsessed with learning about, and trying out just about any coding language I can lay my hands on...

I work for the awesome DueDil as a Front-End Dev, and in my spare have fun messing around with with Ruby on Rails and Django (/Python). When I'm not writing code, I like to make lots of noise as guitarist/vocalist in my band “The Charm Assault” and yes, also probably need more hours in the day.

I definitely have a few entrepreneurial tendencies and usually have a few business ideas floating around/being worked on at any one time, so watch this space for updates...;)

I am

a perfectionist / a coffee addict / INTJ / and apple fan-girl / a guitarist / a lapsed footballer / not too good at cooking / mostly fluent in French

I like

learning / music / the internets / classic video games (Monkey Island, Sonic, Mario etc.!) / coffee / design / mario / trashy tv / loud music / fixing stuff / driving / my Amiga